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Our permanent jewelry allows you to design your own custom jewelry piece of by working with our jeweler with selecting chain, it's location, and any gemstones or  charms that is perfectly unique to you! Once selected, they will be welded together creating a seamless unified jewelry item that you can wear every day for years to come! Permanent jewelry is a fun way to celebrate- whether you achieved a huge goal or want the ultimate friendship bracelet, you can now celebrate by scheduling a permanent jewelry appointment at Fog + Fern in Forks, WA. 


If a piece breaks, you must have the chain available for us to inspect the damage to determine the cause and weak point of the break. If the break was due to our weld, we cover our welded area for 1 year as long as you still have your chain available to re-attach. Our chains are permanent, but not indestructible so depending on life events, they may break and come off just as any other jewelry item, but we will cover our welding service in our guarantee. Like like any piece of fine jewelry, you need to treat it with care. If your bracelet gets snagged or pulled hard, it could snap, just like a bracelet with a clasp. 14k gold chains are more durable than the sterling silver chains.