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Tips from the Locals

As passionate locals, we're thrilled to share some insider tips to make your visit to Forks even more memorable.

Whether you're a Twilight fan, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique experience, here are some recommendations straight from us!

Most local businesses (including us) update their hours to cater to tourists and visitors. We highly encourage visitors to plan and research ahead of time depending on your travel dates to ensure that you will have access to necessities for your stay. A popular comment we hear is "I didn't realize just how isolated Forks really is" and that's true. So we always encourage travelers and families to ensure that they are aware of our amenities and accessibility prior to arrival. Our little town is supportive and welcoming to the thousands of visitors we host per year!

Top Eateries in Forks

Blakeslee's Bar & Grill

Full service bar and grill serving lunch & dinner options. Under 21 welcome until 3pm, after that 21+

Staff Pick: Their Elk Burger!

Home Slice Take & Bake

You can choose to have them bake your items, or carryout and bake later!

Staff Pick: Home Slice Supreme Pizza Como!

South North Garden

Dine In or Carry Out

Staff Pick: Beef & Broccoli!

Forks Outfitters

Our towns local grocery store that has it all! Whether you're looking for groceries and necessities, outdoor gear, or souvenirs they offer anything and everything to support our locals and travelers passing through! They also offer both hot case and cold food options such as sandwiches and wraps, as well as an indoor coffee shop!

Staff Pick: Breakfast sandwiches + any of their Twilight Drink Specials!


The Locals's Favorite Spot for hot food on the go!

Staff Pick: Chick Tenders + Mini Tacos!

Inn Place

Great Breakfast, Lunch, + Dinner options! Fast service.

Staff Pick: Steak + Clam Chowder

Three Rivers

Open for lunch + dinner!

Staff Pick: Ice Cream/Shakes + The Fried Fish

River's Edge

Open for breakfast + dinner, we suggest calling ahead to ensure that they're open.

Staff Pick: Fresh Fish, Fries + Gravy!

Bugs & Buff Expresso

They are open from sun up to sun down, offering a variety of drinks, sandwiches, and snacks!

Staff Pick: Sausage Egg + Cheese Sandwich, Lotus Drinks, + Muffins!

A Shot In The Dark Coffee

Open all day and evening offering a large variety of drinks, snacks, sack lunches for traveling, smoothies, and more!

Staff Pick: Ruby Beach Splash!

The Beaver Grocery Store

Be sure to stop along the 101 at The Beaver Grocery Store, located approximately 9 miles from Forks it's a great stop for a bite to eat, souvenirs, or traveling amenities!

Places to stay in Forks

Mossquatch Resort

The coolest outdoor lodging in the Forks area! There's no experience quite like Mossquatch, it's a bucket list for many!

Miller Tree Inn

Also known as "The Cullen House" , book in advance as rooms fill up well in advance for this highly sought after location!

Olympic Suites Inn

Offering of hotel rooms + cabins available!

Local Airbnb

The Alan House

4 BDR, 1 BTH Home with a fenced in back yard, pet + kid friendly!

Local Airbnb

Misty Meadows Retreat

4 BDR, 3 BTH Home in town, with bonus game room, 2 living areas, and 6 acre yard with mountain views. Pet + kid friendly!

Other things to do in Forks

At Fog + Fern Clothing Co., we're not just a store; we're a part of the Forks community, and we're excited to have you here.

Whether you're shopping for fashion, exploring the Twilight legacy, or immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we hope these local tips enhance your experience in Forks.

Enjoy your stay, and feel free to reach out to us for any additional recommendations or assistance.

Welcome to Forks!